Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DIY Christmas Gifts Part Two

Ok so I admit, I have been slacking a lot on this blog posting thing haha. It is Christmas time and I had the flu this week so give me a break. Alright, so the next DIY gift is for those who you know love fresh flowers. Obviously you can't really do it yourself flowers in the wintertime BUT you can DIY the vase that you put them in.

The first way you can refurbish a vase is by going to Goodwill and they usually have old vases (like the ones below) for only $0.50 a vase, sometimes even cheaper.
Grab a few, go crazy! Find ones that are unique, there are so many to choose from. First thing to do is wash them out because they probably have dust or markings on them from stickers, so run them through the dishwasher. Next take a can of white spray paint and lightly spray them. Reason we want to lightly spray them first is because with glass, the spray paint tends to run down it leaving a streak of thick paint and that is just not pretty. After you have painted them all you are now ready to find some fresh flowers (or fake if you like) and put them in there for your Christmas gift. Below are the ones that I did over the summertime. 

This last way to gift a vase, I can't take complete credit for because my friend Brandi found it online and i just added the chalkboard part to it. Find a mason jar and take off the lid and the little metal piece that covers the jar. Take the metal piece and a hole through the top. 

After poking the hole, spray chalk paint on the lid so that way you can write a greeting on it. 
String some festive string, ribbon, cord, or twine around the mason jar and through the hole in the lid to hang it on the front and you are done. 
These are two easy ways to use some Christmas colors and make a personalized gift for someone special or even that boss at work that you aren't sure what to get. Don't forget, only one more week until Christmas!!

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