Monday, November 18, 2013

My First Real Blog...

When I was in high school I had a “blog” on Xanga. Remember Xanga? I won’t give you my username because it is far too embarrassing. So this is my first real blog. I am starting this blog because I picked up a new hobby this year: refurbishing old items.

First off, this year was NOT my best year. It’s hard being in your 20’s these days, I have just turned 27 last month. I heard of something this year called a quarter life crisis and I can personally vouch for its existence. Growing up we were told that after high school, you go to college, find a boy, graduate, move out, get a great paying job (one related to the degree you spent all four years on), get married and have kids. We imagined this would all happen by the age of what, 23 or 24? Well let me go through my checklist of all of that.

  • ·   Graduate from college – CHECK
  • ·      Get a job with a salary- Nope, I struggled to make money with two part time jobs. I do now have one full time job with health insurance, although it is not near what a college graduate could make.  
  • ·      Move out- I still living at home with the parents, sharing a bunk bed with my 22-year-old sister.
  • ·      Married- Nope, but I do have a great boyfriend  of over 2 years.
  • ·      Children- No, but my body is telling me “hey girl, I am READY!!”

Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty that could be worse in my life and I am very fortunate to have a roof over my head and loving people around me. Sometimes it is just hard in the world of social media to not compare your life to others around you, we all do it.  I feel like every time I log onto Facebook there is a new announcement of someone having a baby, getting engaged or buying a home with their significant other. So what started this all? Well, while struggling earlier this year with 2 part time jobs, working 60-hour weeks and dealing with MAJOR anxiety, I realized that I needed a healthy outlet.  I spent a lot of my spare time on Pinterest (as I can imagine a lot of you do as well) and found this picture of a pink desk that someone had refurbished. She did a great job and I really loved it. So, I started going to Goodwill’s around town and found a desk that could be made into the one I saw on Pinterest; I haggled the price down and bought it. Even though I didn’t come up with the idea myself, I loved feeling artistic. I am not normally the artistic type, one of those who can create something out of  nothing. But I make up for that with my “handy man” side thanks to my dad, who has been a roofer his whole life.

Here is the picture of the desk I liked from Pinterest from Goodwill Glam:

And here is the desk that I refurbished (I will show the steps I took in my next blog post) 

 I have noticed that refurbishing has become a very popular hobby. I noticed on Instragram, Facebook, Pinterest. I also happened to come by a local refurbishing business, Loveleigh Again (check out her facebook), from Napoleon, Ohio while I was at the Grand Rapids Apple Butter Festival and realized that I could start turning my hobby into something profitable. So at this point I am just doing some pieces on my own for fun but as soon as I get some more items I am planning on selling them in a local shop in Toledo. In my blog, I am going to be putting a few things about my everyday life, DIY projects that interest me on Pinterest, and my main hobby of refurbishing and upcycling. I am excited to share this news with ya’ll and look forward to hearing feedback.

Shoutout to CreateTheCut Etsy shop for my super cute blog banner!! 

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